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PRINCE2 Agile® Foundation & Practitioner

PRINCE2 Agile is an extension of the PRINCE2 project management methodology that incorporates agile principles and practices. It offers a flexible approach to project management, allowing organizations to blend the structure of PRINCE2 with the adaptability of agile methods.

PRINCE2 Agile integrates agile practices, emphasizing flexibility, iterative development, and collaboration. Agile practices enable teams to respond to changing requirements and deliver value incrementally.

What you’ll learn?

  • Gain the project management skills to deliver successful agile projects.
  • Tailor PRINCE2® management controls with agile delivery techniques and frameworks.
  • Learn PRINCE2® principles, themes and processes.
  • Learn new concepts like Agilometer and agile contracts.

Who Should Attend the PRINCE2 Agile® Foundation & Practitioner Course?

  • Agile Professionals
  • Product Owners
  • Scrum Masters
  • Scrum Developers
  • Project Managers
  • Project Coordinators
  • Project Analysts
  • Project Leaders
  • Product Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Managers of Agile teams
  • Anyone directing or managing a PRINCE2 project who is using Agile
  • Anyone involved with, or impacted by a PRINCE2 project that is using Agile
  • Anyone wishing to build Agile project management skills6

Exam format

PRINCE2 Agile Foundation Exam:
  • 60 minutes
  • Multiple-choice
  • 50 questions each worth one mark
  • 28 marks or more required to pass out of 50 questions – 55% pass mark
  • Closed book

PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner Exam:
  • Objective testing
  • 50 questions each worth one mark
  • 30 marks or more required to pass out of 50 questions - 60% pass mark
  • Two-and-a-half hours’ (150 minutes) duration, no additional reading time
  • Open book exam (official PRINCE2 Agile guide only)

PRINCE2 Agile® Foundation & Practitioner Prerequisites

To be eligible for the PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner exam candidates typically need to have obtained the PRINCE2® or PRINCE2 Agile® Foundation levels.

There are specific eligibility requirements to qualify for the PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner exam.

Key Features

PRINCE2 Agile Course Material
Success Ratio close to 98.6%
Simulation Exams, Mock Tests, Assessments, and More!
Courseware Approved by AXELOS
Regular Doubt-Clearing Sessions by Industry Experts
Exam Fee Included in Course Fee*
24/7 Support via Email, Online Chat, Telephone

Course Agenda

Syllabus of PRINCE2 Agile® Foundation & Practitioner Course

  • PRINCE2 Principles
  • PRINCE2 Themes
  • PRINCE2 Processes
  • PRINCE2 Management Products
  • PRINCE2 Roles
  • Projects and business as usual (BAU)
  • Agile Integration in PRINCE2 Agile.
  • Blend and weave PRINCE2 with Agile
  • The eight guidance points of PRINCE2 Agile
  • PRINCE2 Agile delivery team – roles, responsibilities, and competencies:
  • Key Agile terms
  • Key Agile concepts and techniques
  • How PRINCE2 and the agile way of working complement each other
  • Who can benefit from PRINCE2 Agile and in what contexts/situations
  • PRINCE2 Agile: Frameworks, behaviors, concepts, techniques and focus areas
  • The Eight ‘Guidance Points’
  • Enabling agile across environments: PRINCE2 controls and governance
  • A typical PRINCE2 ‘project journey’ in an agile context
  • Agilometer
  • Requirements
  • Rich communication
  • Frequent releases
  • Agilometer: purpose and use throughout a project
  • The six sliders of an Agilometer: significance and how to improve them
  • Requirements terminologies: decomposition, prioritization, MoSCoW, Ordering and more
  • Requirements prioritization: how they are used
  • Rich communication focus areas: importance and key techniques
  • Frequent releases: significance, benefits and how to ‘fail fast’
  • The ‘Hexagon’ in relation to the six aspects of project performance
  • The use of tolerances: what to ‘fix’ and what to ‘flex’
  • The five targets that underpin the use of the hexagon
  • The ‘fix and flex’ approach: why it’s good for the customer
  • The five PRINCE2 Agile behaviors: Transparency, Collaboration, Rich Communication, Self-Organization, Exploration
  • Fundamental values and principles of agile
  • Incorporating Agile in all seven PRINCE2 processes and themes as per project context
  • The common roles of Scrum master and Product owner
  • And More


The PRINCE2 Agile Foundation certification provides a basic understanding of how to blend PRINCE2 and agile methodologies in a project management context.
No formal prerequisites are required for the PRINCE2 Agile Foundation certification. It is designed to be accessible to a wide range of individuals.
The Foundation exam assesses candidates' knowledge of fundamental PRINCE2 Agile concepts, including principles, themes, and processes.
The Foundation exam is typically a closed-book exam, meaning candidates are not allowed to bring any reference materials into the examination room.
The number of questions in the Foundation exam may vary, but it generally includes around 50 multiple-choice questions.
Yes, the PRINCE2 Agile Foundation certification does not expire, and it is valid for a lifetime.
The PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner certification is an advanced level that focuses on the practical application of PRINCE2 Agile principles in real-world project management scenarios.
Candidates typically need to have obtained the PRINCE2 Agile Foundation certification to be eligible for the Practitioner exam.
While it's not mandatory, having the PRINCE2 Foundation certification is often recommended for a deeper understanding of PRINCE2 principles.
Yes, the Practitioner exam is an open-book exam. Candidates are allowed to bring the official PRINCE2 Agile guide into the examination room.
The number of questions in the Practitioner exam may vary, but it generally includes around 68 questions.
Candidates need to achieve a certain percentage of correct answers to pass the Practitioner exam. The pass mark is usually around 55%.
Yes, the PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner certification is typically valid for three years. After this period, practitioners may need to renew their certification through continuous professional development (CPD) or retake the Practitioner exam.
Yes, Group Trainings are completely customized to address collective training needs for your entire team/organization.
Project Management
PRINCE2 Agile® Foundation & Practitioner
Duration: Duration 4 Days
money: Course Fee $795 - $1595
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Practise Mock Exam will be provided
  • Completion certificate will be provided